Capital Gain on Sale of under-construction flat before possession

Capital Gain on Sale of Under-Construction Property before possession

Selling Under-construction Property In case of sale of capital assets, other than shares, units of mutual funds and listed securities, the holding period in order to qualify for long-term capital asset is 36 months (above three shall be long term capital asset if the holding period exceeds 12 months)....
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Home Loan Schemes

Claiming Tax Benefits on Home Loan and HRA together?

How to claim HRA and home loan benefits together? It is the most asked question by any salaried person and believe me it is very important to know the conditions that when you can claim tax benefits only of HRA or of home loan or both. So below is a comprehensive article covering all aspects of taxation...
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Return of Income will be accepted by IT Dept

RBI and select branches of Banks to accept Advance Income Tax

It is observed that the rush for remitting Income Tax dues through the Reserve Bank of India is quite heavy towards the end of June month. It becomes difficult for the Bank to cope with the pressure of receipts although additional counters to the maximum possible extent are provided for the purpose....
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