How to Revive a Dormant or Inactive PPF Account?

By | July 13, 2013

Reviving an Inactive PP account

Reactivating an Inactive PPF Account

Reviving an Inactive PP account is very easy task but it has to be done within 3 years else the account gets discontinued.

Let’s see some points to know how one can revive his/her dormant or inactive PPF account.

1. A dormant or inactive PPF account can be easily revived by paying the pending subscriptions plus penalty.

2. To keep a PPF account active and running, you need to contribute at least Rs.500 per annum, maximum upto Rs.1,00,000 in maximum of 12 transactions. If you fail to deposit minimum amount of Rs.500, a monetary penalty of Rs.50 per year will be levied. To revive your account, you have to pay the subscriptions amount due till the date of reactivation plus penalty.

3. You will have to visit the branch personally where you have your PPF account to get it reactivated.

4. Inactive PPF account which got matured does not earn any interest and also such account cannot be reactivated. To claim the balance of such matured PPF account one has to pay the penalty.

5. In case the reactivated account is going to mature soon, either you can choose to extend it further for the block of 5 years with or without contribution from the date of maturity to keep earning interest or choose to close it and claim the proceeds.

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