Withdraw your Employee Provident Fund or EPF in India?

By | January 2, 2013

Process/Procedure for Withdrawal of Employee Provident Fund

Almost all of us are working for a company and we contribute a small percentage of our monthly salary into our Employee Provident Fund account. We all know that PF is a great saving instrument and it will help us generate a corpus for our retirement. But in case we leave the company or want to withdraw money for some emergency than we should know the way get it transferred or to withdraw PF amount. After all, it is our money and we definitely have the right to take it when we need it the most.

1. PF Withdrawal upon resignation:

Upon resignation an employee can either withdraw or transfer his/her PF amounts at his desire.

a) For Withdrawal:

In order to withdraw the PF/ Pension funds you have to submit Form 19 (Download) and Form 10C (Download) preferably through your employer (Read this to withdraw PF amount without employer sign). Depending upon the attitude and working capabilities of employees in the respective EPF Office, it will take 45 to 60 days to get your balance credited to your bank account. Withdrawals of PF can be done only after 60 days period after resignation.

With From 19 (Download) and 10C (Download) also attach xerox copy of the first page of the passbook of your savings bank account (preferably with nationalised bank) depicting the bank account number, branch location etc. and send the complete set of forms with enclosures to the previous employer for forwarding the forms to PF office.

Form No 19 (Download) is for Provident fund withdrawal & Form No. 10C (Download) is for Pension scheme withdrawal.

b) For Transfer:

For transfer you have to get Form 13 (Download) submitted through your present Company but you need to know your earlier PF a/c no.etc.
Also you need to provide following details to your current company.

  • Name and address of the previous company from which PF is still pending to be claimed.
  • Group Code of the previous company.
  • Date of Joining and date of leaving from previous company.
  • Your PF no from the previous company.

2. PF withdrawal during Working period :

The Provident Fund members can avail advances / partial withdrawals subject to certain conditions like Marriage for self and dependant sisters, brothers etc / purchasing of dwelling house or repayment of housing loan / specified medical treatments / Closure of establishment etc.,

You need to submit Form 31 (Download) for claiming amount. But the PF authorities will sanction only if you satisfy the qualifying conditions.  Read “Guidelines for PF withdrawal” that gives you clear idea like on what grounds can employee withdraw PF during his/her working period.

3. Track Your Provident Fund Claim Online

You can track the status of PF (Provident Fund) Account Transfer and PF  (Provident Fund) Money Withdrawal claims online @  “Track Your Provident Fund Claim“.

Few Points to Remember

1. Use the appropriate form for claiming Provident Fund Pension, withdrawal benefit/scheme certificate, Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance benefit, etc. as given below :-

    • Form-19 (Download): To claim final settlement of Provident Fund by a member.
    • Form-20 (Download): To claim Provident Fund by nominee/legal heir on death of the member.
    • Form-10-D (Download): To claim pension. (In duplicate: If within state, In triplicate: If outside state.)
    • Form-10-C (Download): To claim withdrawal benefit/scheme certificate under Employees’ Pension Scheme ’95.
    • Form-5IF (Download): To claim assurance benefit under Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance ’76 by nominee/legal heir of a member.
    • Form-31 (Download): To claim temporary withdrawal/advance under Employees’ Provident Fund scheme ’52.
    • Form-13 (Download): To effect transfer of Provident Fund/Pension from one A/C to another.

2. Ensure that all columns of the application are filled completely.

3. Information in the application form relating to name, a/c no. should agree with the details available with Employees’ Provident Fund Organization; which were furnished by the employer at the time of enrolling to Provident Fund.

4. Application should be signed by the member/claimant.

5. It should be attested by the former employer. In case attestation by the former employer is not possible, it should be got attested by any other authorized official specified with application form.

6. Application for final settlement can be sent by a member on completion of 2 months from the date of leaving service, if the reason for leaving service is other than superannuation, medical ground, retrenchment and V.R.S./ Female members getting married etc.

7. Desired mode of payment can be given legibly, if the amount involved is more than Rs. 2000/-. The amount will sent by deposit in payees’ bank a/c. To facilitate this, Bank a/c no., name and address of the bank should be furnished. An advance stamped receipt should also accompany this application.

8. Application may be supported by the return Form-10 , showing the details of leaving service and details of contribution for the year in Form-3A, if not sent earlier by the employer.

9. To get all forms at once place jump to EPFO site.

66 thoughts on “Withdraw your Employee Provident Fund or EPF in India?

  1. Soumya


    I left he organization on July 2011. I have decided to withdraw my PF now(Dec 2014). Just wanted a confirmation if I will be getting my PF account. Becoz I read somewhere that PF account becomes inoperative after 3 years of resignation.


  2. raghu

    gm iam left my old company last two month back now i am in same othe company but i dont want continue the my PF Account it is possible are not i dont know ,you can tell me how pls i need my PF amount Back

    1. Sanyam Jain Post author

      Withdrawal of money from the account in between two jobs is illegal and is permissible only under the following two circumstances:

      1. When a member is in between two jobs; or
      2. If the member has been unable to find another job for over two months.

      So you can simply follow the above stated procedure i.e. filing form 19 and form 10C.

      1. raghu

        my old company peoples saying that they told me to continue the same account number in new company.
        but i dont want continue the my pf account i need many now so that.
        how will I

  3. raghu

    last month i have left my old company they told me to continue the pf account but i don’t want to continue My pf account i need to withdraw the my pf amount i have same personal problems can you tell me how
    i am working in same other company right now

  4. Swati

    Hi, I filed my pf withdrawal form and received funds in two parts. please could you help in understanding these two portions.

  5. Foram Mehta

    I want to leave my organisation without giving notice period. Will I get my provident fund amount?

    1. thesanyamjain

      There is no rule in provident fund that requires employee to give notice for getting PF amount. Simply get your withdrawal from signed from your employer and send it to PF office.

      1. Foram Mehta

        thank you but one more question i would like to ask, What if my present employer does not agree to sign that withdrawal form? and please tell me is the procedure much time consuming?

  6. Nidhi Jain

    Hello Sanyam,

    Hope you are doing good!

    I had submitted Form 19 and 10C to my previous organization for EPF withdrawal. Although I have received my Provident Fund amount but haven’t received the Pension Fund till now.

    Upon asking the company, they always update that post confirmation from RPFC department only they can submit the forms to them. It’s been more than 2 months since PF amount was transferred in my account and 4 months since I submitted my application for withdrawal.

    Also, I’m not able to track my claim/balance status online; it always says record not found.(I resigned in Dec’2012)

    Please guide me for the same if I should go ahead with filing RTI or how should I proceed on it?

    Thank you!

    1. thesanyamjain

      Your first step would be to go and ask the PF department. While going there you just take the bank statement of the amount which credit to your account.

      Also spoke to the previous employer & asked for FORM 3A for the document proof for the contribution status & Sent to the PF Commissioner by registered post with acknowledgement.

      If the above does not work then you should file RTI @ http://www.indiantaxupdates.com/2013/02/14/how-to-file-epf-grievances-through-rti/

      1. Nidhi Jain

        Thanks a lot for your help.
        Just need to clarify one thing; Do I need to visit the PF office in which my account is there or any PF department could access it remotely as I stay in Delhi and I have my PF office (as per my last organization) in Banglore so it would become a lot tedious for me to personally visit there. Is there any other workaround for this?
        Pls suggest.

        1. thesanyamjain

          It would be better for you to send Xerox of Form 3A and bank statement to the commissioner having jurisdiction of your account i.e. Bangalore.

          1. Nidhi Jain

            Thanks a lot again for your help.
            Will surely proceed with the above suggested steps.

  7. Manick

    Hello Sir..Its again me..Manick…
    I waited for one more month but still coudnt get the problem solved..
    I am yet to submit any grievance or file an RTI….I left my organisation 6 months back and so there is no smooth relationship between me and the organisation…I am not even sure whether they have processed the forms I gave them to close my EPF account..

    Please tell me whether I can register grievance in epf website in this case too…or I have to first make sure that my forms have reached the office..

    If I can submit grievances should I upload any documents (as it is asking to upload some)?

    Thank you.

  8. Nishant Saxena

    Old Dated pf form can be submitted in pf office. Please help me. In 2008 I had got my pf form filled and signed by the company but due to some reason I was not able to submit the form to PF office. Now I want to submit it. Can I , Please help me

  9. Brian

    Thanks for all the info here, and for the links. Based on that and based on your responses to certain comments, it looks like I have been misinformed.

    I left my previous company in May 2010 after exactly 3 yrs of service (May 7th, so you see why I’m panicking!). I was unemployed for about a year. In June 2013, I will complete 2 years with my new employer.

    I was told by the accounts team in my new company that:
    – I need to apply for my PF withdrawal within 3 years of leaving the old company or I will not get the amount
    – I have a choice between: “transferring the account from old employer to new” and “starting a new account with the new employer”

    I chose to start a new account and never got around to closing the old one. My old employer’s head office is in Bangalore and that is where I need to send the form (information from their payroll helpdesk). They are known to be very slow in responding.

    My questions are:
    – Should I attempt a transfer or a withdrawal (considering that the withdrawal form asks you to declare unemployment)?
    – Is it really too late to apply now or was I misinformed (going by your responses to other queries)?
    – In the comments, I read references to interest being paid only for 3 years (response to Pravin) and interest till withdrawal/transfer (response to Subhash B.). Did you mean “interest till withdrawal/transfer up to a period of 3 years after contributions stop”?
    – What is the income tax angle and how do you recommend I save on tax? (I will probably not be continuing to 5 years of employment with the current employer!)

    Basically, given the situation, how do you suggest I proceed? If you require any more information from me, do let me know. Also, I recognize I am asking for a free consultation; I don’t mean to milk it. Please let me know if there is any way I can reimburse you for your time and expertise. If not, is there any other way I can acknowledge/reciprocate your help?

    1. thesanyamjain

      First of all it is illegal to have more than one PF account, If at any point it is detected that you have two accounts, the second account you have opened will be closed, and you will be refunded only the principal amount, not the interest. but practically a person can have more than one PF account because P.F numbers are allocated by the employer. So with every new company or employer, a employee can have a new PF account.

      Now coming to your queries:

      1. You have only one option i.e. transfer the balance from old PF to new PF account because as per EPF rules if a person has got new job then he can only request for transfer not withdrawal.

      2. There is no time limit prescribed to withdraw PF balance but it is only in the case where you are unemployed at the time of withdrawing PF and 2 months have passed from the date you left your old company. Only transfer is allowed in case you get a new job and you switch to it.

      3. With Effect from 1st April, 2011, if you have any PF account with no contributions for 3 continuous years, then you will not get any interest on the same from that date.

      4.Regarding your current scenario that you wish to leave current employer without completing 5 years, I would suggest you to read article for taxation on premature pf withdrawal: http://www.indiantaxupdates.com/2013/02/27/taxability-on-withdrawal-of-provident-fund-balance-before-5-years/

      Simply what you should do is get the old PF transferred into your account and always get it transferred to new PF account whenever you switch job.

      1. Brian

        Thanks for the systematic answer to each separate query and for the advice at the end. I will do exactly that. Am I correct in understanding that since I am not withdrawing the amount but transferring it to a new account, the PF amount from the old account will not be taxed? Furthermore, since I am closing (by transfer) the old account after creating a new EPF account (as opposed to transferring at the time of joining new company), will the old tenure be added, or will only my current tenure be considered the age of my EPF account?

        1. thesanyamjain

          There will be no tax on transferring amount from old PF to new PF account but unfortunately period for which you have worked with your old employer will not be clubbed because the language of PF rules says continuous service but you have taken break of almost a year.

          1. Brian

            Ohh. That’s a bit of a downer. But thanks for all the info and the prompt replies. It’s one thing to start an initiative, completely something else to keep it up consistently. You’re helping a lot of people! Cheers!

  10. rajeshkumar

    Good Article but the link for download form – 10c is directing to 10d.pdf; please check this and make the necessary corrections.

    1. thesanyamjain

      Thnx Rajesh for pointing out the error… Link to Form 10C updated..

  11. Pravin

    I has resigned from Central Govt job & joined Central PSU. My service in Govt was 5.5 yrs. I had applied for permanant GPF withdrawl after 4 yrs of resignation. Now i have received my GPF amount, but i was not paid the intrest of last 3 years. Please let me know why i was not paid the intrest & under which rule?

    1. thesanyamjain

      PF account with no contribution for 3 years becomes dormant and no interest will be paid on that.

      1. Pravin

        Thanks for the valuable information. I submitted my resignation on July 2008. Wheather interst will be paid for 2008, 2009 & 2010.? And u mean no intrest will be paid for the year 2011 & 2012. Please reply my querry.

        1. thesanyamjain

          For the first 3 years you will receive interest but then there will be no interest. In your case interest should be credited in your account for the years 2008, 2009 and 2010 but not for 2011 and 2012.

  12. shilpa.A.G

    Shilpa A.G
    I submit my form march 15 th 2013 but i didnt got any SMS i didnt got amount please help me in this.

    1. thesanyamjain

      The maximum time upto which you receive amount is 90 days… so wait for few more days …

  13. Sudhakar Sathenapalli

    Is it true that we have to request transfer of money from PF A/c of previous empolyer to current employer only at the time of joining and not later. As I have two accounts with two different employers, one I quit 5 years ago and another 9 months ago and the amounts are lying in both untouched.

    1. thesanyamjain

      No its not necessary/mandatory to request for transfer as soon as you leave but it is advisable to do as earliest as possible because having two or more PF accounts in illegal act as per PF act.

      You can request for transfer or withdrawal whenever you wish by submitting form 13 in case of transfer or from 19 and 10C in case of withdrawal.

  14. kashyap

    i have two PF accounts i wish to transfer both of them with my current employer. But my current employer does not a PF trust and is with the govt. itself. I have been advised that it is better to withdraw since the transfer takes as long as two years! is this true? One of my PF account has been untouched for three years. Does it stop accruing interest after 3 years? If if does take two years will i get interest paid in the interim time till the transfer process is complete?

  15. kashyap

    I have money in two PF accounts. i now wish to transfer both of them with my current employer. Since my current employer does not have a separate PF trust, i have been advised to withdraw the money since the transfer may take as long as two years! is this true? Also does a PF account stop accruing interest after 3 years of leaving the company? in case the transfer takes two years will interest be paid for that much time?

    1. thesanyamjain

      Time depends on the officer but in general the prescribed time is, the amount should be credited in the bank account within 90 Days of submission of forms including documents if any.

      Yes PF account with no contribution for 3 years becomes dormant and no interest will be paid on that.

      Yes if you apply within 60 days of leaving the organisation than no matter how long it will take to get your balance transfer/withdrawn, your interest will keep credited in you account.

    1. thesanyamjain

      There is no way you can withdraw your EPF balance online. You have to fill form, get is signed by your employer and submit of dispatch it to the concerned regional EPFO office.

  16. Manick

    I left my organisation in Oct 2012. I have submitted form 19 and 10c to the organisation to close my pf account. But my money is yet to get credited to my account. Will it take more time or the employer has not processed my form?

    Also I worked there only for 2 months and the total amount will be around 3000 only. Whether it is because of this I am not getting my money. Thanks in advance.

      1. Manick

        I tried but it shows “No records found”.. All I need to know is how long will it take to process after submitting relevant forms for closing EPF account.

        1. thesanyamjain

          Normally it takes 90 days to receive amount including interest, from the date of submission of Form.

          In case you have not received and also the status is not traceable than you can write an RTI application to know the status of your EPF withdrawal application.

          1. Manick

            Fine…will do that…thanks for ur valuable information.

        2. krishna rebba

          how to collect my provident fund account number

          1. thesanyamjain

            To check the PF details go to the web search on Google for employee provident fund and then connect the link of employee provident fund,then there are the windows of

            employee code:

            Extension code (if any):


            Above all details you will get on your payslip.fill it and you will get your PF details

  17. Subhash Bhartiya

    I left my previous company in July 2006. Now I want to withdraw my PF amount. Can you please help me how to proceed for the same

    1. thesanyamjain

      There is no time bar as such, specified for withdrawal or transfer of the PF accumulations. Rather, your accumulations left with the EPFO earn interest, compounded till the date of withdrawal or transfer.

      For withdrawal you have to obtain form 19 & 10-C from the previous company as mentioned above and submit it in the same area PF office.

      For transfer have to get form 13 submitted through your present Company but you need to know your earlier PF a/c no.etc.

  18. wasim hasan

    I left company without notice period . I was absconded by employer ,,Now i want to withdrawal my PF without consent of company ,Is it possible,,if possible,please send me procedure ,how to get PF.thanks

  19. Mayank Shankar

    I left my previous company in june 2012, now i wanted to transfer my pf acount to my new company and filled the form as well. But now after even 9 months my pf has not been transferred. What can i do now. Is withdrawing procedure would be same as mentioned above

  20. prashant

    I left my service on 4/2/2013 with a one month notice .Notice given from 4/1/2013. Now pl let me know the resig. will effect from 4.2.13 or 4.1.13 . Also my PF is deposited at Kolkatta PF office so whether I send the PF Form directly to them.

    1. thesanyamjain

      The date would be 4/2/2013 and you have to send PF form to Kolkata…

  21. haraprasad

    My PF account name and my original name is not matching. These is a spelling mistake on my PF account and I have already left that company 2yrs ago. Now I want to withdraw my PF amount. So how could I able to correct my PF account name and withdraw the amount.

    It was a very small company and now I don’t know whether that company is there or not. If the company is not there then what is the procedure for this.

      1. Haraprasad

        Many thanks for your quick response. I have some concern regarding this.
        1 – Do I need to write a letter regarding this before apply the PF withdraw or I need to deposit this letter along with the PF withdraw form.
        2 – I should write only a letter concerning the name change and my employer should sign on that letter. Right?

        1. thesanyamjain

          You should send this letter before applying for PF withdrawn form with a proof of name through your present employer. You can get the letter signed from the authorized signatory from the employer as a proof of your name.

          1. haraprasad

            Many many thanks for the info. Do i need to send this letter through speed post or deposit hand to hand in PF office.

            And how could be I sure, after the letter my name has changed.

          2. thesanyamjain

            Send it through the speed post and you will get acknowledgment once it is done, in case you don’t receive it do visit your regional office.

  22. Rush

    I came to onsite 4 years back; still with the same company; it now looks like I won’t get any interest after 3 years on the pf money
    How can I withdraw my money or I will have to keep it interest free?

    1. thesanyamjain

      Yes you are correct that Inactive PF account for 3 years or more does not fetch any interest.

      Since you are with same company for 4 years, it is advisable to complete 5 years because income tax exemption is available only if an employee served 5 years continuously under a single employer. If you wish to withdraw than the employers contribution and interest will be taxable as salary income and employee contribution shall be taxed as other income.

      So its better to keep in interest free for one more year and than withdraw by following the procedures mentioned above.

      In case you wish to switch the company then the years of continuous service rendered to the former employer(s) would be included for the purpose of computing the five-year period.


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