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Sending Multiple ITR-V in one Envelope to CPC – Bangalore

Guide on Printing, Signing and Sending ITR-V to CPC Bangalore

From the next assessment year it may not be necessary to take the printout of ITR-V and send it to CPC Bangalore. But for this year it is mandatory to take printout of ITR-V, signed it and send it to CPC Bangalore within 120 days of filing of return, if filed without affixing digital signature.

Printing, Signing and Sending ITR-V

So here are points to remember of printing, signing and sending ITR-V to CPC Bangalore:

Printing of ITR-V

ITR-V should be printed out using laser or inkjet printer only, to make the bar code on the ITR-V clearly visible for quicker processing. Dot Matrix printed should not be used for this purpose.

Printout should be taken in Black Ink only.

Always use a fresh A4 size sheet to print ITR-V. Never print two acknowledgement forms back to back, in case you are taking printout of multiple ITR-V. Perforated paper or printout on any other size of paper is not acceptable.

Avoid printing ITR-V with any water marks. The only permissible watermark is that of “Income tax Department” which is printed automatically on each ITR V.

Signing ITR-V

The signature must be done in blue link only, and make sure it is clear and legible.

Photocopy of original signed ITR-V is not accepted, so always send original form having signed in blue ink to CPC Bangalore.

Sending ITR-V

Filing of non-digitally signed tax return is considered complete only when ITR-V reaches the CPC in Bangalore within 120 days of filing of return.

Earlier, sending multiple ITR-V was not acceptable but now you can put more than one ITR-V in same envelope. To make processing of your ITR quicker, send ITR-V of different assessment years in different envelopes.

Dispatch ITR-V in an envelope that can hold an A4 size paper without folding it or stapling it. Also note that no other document is to be attached such as Form 16/16A or TDS certificate etc.

CPC Bangalore Address:

The ITR-V forms should be sent by ordinary post or speed post addressed to

Income Tax Department— CPC,
Post Box No. 1,
Electronic City Post Office,
Bangalore – 560100,

9 thoughts on “Sending Multiple ITR-V in one Envelope to CPC – Bangalore”

  1. cedric says:

    do i need to use a4 size envelope only? can i fold the itr v and post it in regular envelope? (keeping the barcode intact without a fold there)

    1. thesanyamjain says:

      Yes you should because it is instructed by department.

      1. sarojpanda says:

        Ideally you should if easily available. Else no harm in folding, unless you tamper the generated bar code at the end of ITR-V

    2. sarojpanda says:

      It’s not as such very much mandatory. You just don’t have to tamper the barcode at the end while folding. You can do a simple 3 fold and fit it in normal postal envelopes.

  2. Paul says:

    When you say “but now you can put more than one ITR-V in same envelope”, does it mean multiple ITR-V for the same assessee or multiple assessees?

    1. thesanyamjain says:

      Both… You can either send ITR-V of multiple assessees or ITR-V of same assessee, of various years but it has been noticed that in later case the processing of ITR does not get completed on time.

    2. sarojpanda says:

      You can post multiple ITR-V of multiple assessees in same envelope.
      While posting multiple ITR-V of same assessee, post in diferent envelopes for hazzle free processing.

  3. rameshg28 says:

    hi, do you have any notification for the same? could you share?

    1. thesanyamjain says:

      Notification !! Of what???

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