ST-3 for July-September 2012 available for e-filing

By | March 26, 2013

Service Tax Return (ST 3) for the period 1st July- 30th September, 2012 is now available in a modified format for e-filing in ACES.

Only offline version is available and there is no online version.

The utility needs to be downloaded afresh either from or from the ‘DOWNLOADS’ section of ACES website,, or after logging in ACES, under the navigational path RET-> e-Filing -> Download eFiling Utility. You can also download the utility from the links given below:

Download ST3 Return Excel Utility
(For Filing ST-3 returns for the Quarter Jul-Sep 2012)


Download XML Schema for ST3 Return

The last date of e-filing of return for July-September, 2012 is 15th April, 2013.

Assessees who have not e-filed their returns for earlier periods can also download the appropriate period and e-file.

Before filling the Return, please go through the FAQs available under HELP Section of ACES Website under the navigational path: > Help > Frequently Asked Questions > Returns > ST 3 Return for July-September, 2012.

FAQs on ST3 return for July-September 2012

I got ST registration on/after 01.07.2012 with the service description, ‘Other Than in the Negative List’. Can I file the return now?

Assessees registered / amended their registration on or after 01.07.2012 with the service description, ”All Taxable Services – Other than in the Negative List’ are required to file amendment to their Registration online by deleting the said description and adding the relevant description(s) of Taxable Services available in the drop-down list in the online Amend ST1 Form. Only after approval of the amendment by departmental officers, these assessees will be able to file their returns for the period from July, 2012 onwards.
The ST-3 Return for the period, July-Sept., 2012 is quarterly or half-yearly?

It is a quarterly return.
Is the new ST-3 return for the period, July-Sept., 2012 available in both online or offline modes?

It is available in offline mode only as of now.
How to download the new Excel utility for ST3 return for the period July-Sept 2012?

The new Excel utility for ST3 return for the period July-Sept 2012 can be downloaded from ‘DOWNLOADS’ section of ACES website, or after logging in, under the navigational path RET-> e-Filing -> Download eFiling Utility.
Are there any changes in the new format of ST-3 return for the period, July-Sept., 2012?

Few modifications have been carried out to overcome the difficulties in entering certain details such as R & D Cess, Specific Rate of Tax etc.
Any new instructions as the ST-3 format are modified?

Please go through the instruction sheet and guidelines given in the new excel utility, ‘What?s New’ and ‘Help’ sections of ACES Website. In case of doubts relating to offline utility or the ACES software application, you may e-mail to ACES Service Desk at or call toll-free 1800 425 4251. For any other queries on legal/procedural matters, please contact your jurisdictional Central Excise or Service Tax office.
Are there any built in validations which may result in rejection of return?

Yes. There are a few mandatory validations and if incorrect entries are made, the return would be rejected. Some of them are listed below.

a) Registration Number does not exist in the database.
b) If a non-LTU assessee selected ?Yes? in A6.1.
c) Wrong selection of Constitution resulting in display of payable/paid sheet in quarterly format instead of monthly format and vice versa.
d) Entering text in fields having drop-down values
e) Technical Error – tampering of XML file generated before uploading, error at the time of generation of XML file etc.

How to ascertain the errors if the return is rejected?

When the return is rejected, the reasons for the same would be displayed under the ?status of xml upload? view facility.
Do we get any mail in case of rejection of return with possible reasons?

Yes. Mail will be automatically sent by the system to the Assessee?s e-mail ID mentioned/available in the registration data. Hence, it must be ensured that the e-mail ID in the ACES registration database is updated. You may also check the spam folder.

After uploading the return to ACES, the status of the return can be checked under RET-> e-Filing -> View XML Status and the filed return can be viewed under ‘View Original ST3’ and ‘View ST3’ options in the RET module” of ACES after a few days (the exact date to be announced later).

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