Taxpayers Grievance will be resolved in 2 months with Unique Complaint Number

By | July 9, 2013

Tax Grievance to be resolved in 2 monthsIt is normal in India for a taxpayer to have grievances regarding their tax refunds and computations against department and it is also normal not to get these grievances heard and resolved quickly. But now department has decided to change this practice by assuring complainant that their complaint will be resolved within two months. This will be done by assigning a unique acknowledgement number which will be different from existing unique numbers issued by the I-T department to taxpayers, like the TAN, unique transaction number (UTN) and PAN.

Irrespective of the mode of filing rectification application by taxpayer, the receipt counter of the department will generate a unique acknowledgement number for the taxpayer. In case the grievance is not resolved within the stipulated time period i.e. within a period of two months from the end of the month in which application is received, the taxpayer can quote this number while communicating with the department.

Central Processing Center of the Department in Bangalore is also instructed to follow the same procedure in case of e-filings of tax returns reaches to them. If they are unable to follow due to some reason, they are required to intimate the AO of the taxpayer to take necessary remedial action.

In order to plug all loopholes, the CBDT has also directed the department that all such receipts of rectification applications from taxpayers will have to be mandatorily updated in the online rectification register, which can be inspected by supervisory officers. In case of postal complaints, these should be compulsorily recorded in the official diary maintained by the I-T authority.

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